7 squared by 2 +3(4 squared by 2 +3+2)

Accepted Solution

Answer:The answer of the given expression is [tex]\frac{127}{2}[/tex].Step-by-step explanation:Given [tex]\frac{7^2}{2}+3(\frac{4^2}{2}+3+2)[/tex].Step 1 : Firstly we have to solve for brackets, adding the fraction with digits. For this we have to multiply 3 and 2 by 2 by 2 which gives the same denominator.[tex]\frac{4^2}{2}+3+2=\frac{16}{2}+3+2\\\frac{16}{2}+\frac{3\times2}{2}+\frac{2\times2}{2}= \frac{16}{2}+\frac{6}{2}+\frac{4}{2}=\frac{26}{2}[/tex]Step 2 : Fraction under the brackets is solved now we have to multiply the result with 3 to remove the brackets.[tex]\frac{26}{2}\times3=\frac{78}{2}[/tex]Step 3 : Now we have  an expression with same denominator, here simply add and we get the result.[tex]\frac{7^2}{2}+\frac{78}{2}=\frac{49}{2}+\frac{78}{2}=\frac{127}{2}[/tex]Hence the solution for given expression is [tex]\frac{127}{2}[/tex].